About Us


We are a team of modern day healers, entrepreneurs, coaches and witches who are on a mission to change the world! We’ve all got our own individual sparkle but we’re all united in the belief that we can learn to heal ourselves and that we can help others to heal. We are dedicated to living authentic lives and leaving a positive impact on the world and humanity – will you join us in this mission?

Our community consists of the following three pathways and when you join, you can choose whichever route sits most comfortably with you:

  1. Self-Healer
    Do you feel the need to know yourself better? Do you know that there’s a better way to get through life but you just don’t know where to start? You can learn how to heal yourself through a journey of self-development and discovery and will be completely supported by this beautiful community. You can do as little or as much as you like and go at your own pace. Find out how you can join us here 
  2. Professional Healer.
    Do you want to learn how to heal yourself and your community too? Maybe you already know a little bit about holistic health or maybe you don’t and either is fine! By joining our community, you’ll get access to our online academy where you can gain certifications in a range of different healing modalities so that you can practice in the wider community and make healing your career if that’s your goal! Find out about our certification courses here
  3. Tribe Leader.
    Are you passionate about teaching others and sharing your knowledge? Do you have a desire to inspire and empower as many people as you can to awaken their inner healer? This is the route for you, if you’re interested in building your own team of sparkly souls so that you can not only heal in your community but spread your reach even further. This option not only allows you to make a career from helping others to heal but also rewards you financially for sharing this knowledge and this beautiful community!